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If you're looking to get off the injury merry-go-round, nail your training and race day nutrition or just looking for a bit of body maintenance, then we have you covered.

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At The Long Run, we're all endurance athletes ourselves, with a special interest in all things Road, Trail and Ultramarathon running.

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Becoming: Mind, Body and Soul

It is with much excitement we can finally announce, in collaboration with Sarah Kaesler (Counsellor and Psychotherapist ) and Belinda Neo (Accredited Registered Dietitian), we will be bringing you our very first women's retreat in January of 2024 (17th-21st).

Our focus for the retreat will be a journey of self-discovery, and self-reflection while moving and nourishing our bodies and uplifting our souls. If you're struggling to find the right balance in your life or struggling with body image, self-love, and acceptance, or feeling like you are just plane faking it in life and career, this weekend will be a guided experience to help you break past some of those barriers and move into life with the skills and confidence to accept everything you already are. 

We have strictly limited spots available, so don't miss out.

Retreat costs and a breakdown of what you can expect are detailed in the event below.
Come and join us for an uplifting weekend that will leave you feeling ready to tackle everything 2024 has in store.

The external link to reserve your spot can be found over on our Bookings page.

We'll release more details as they become finalised. 

Rob now offers Dry Needling as part of his services

Remedial Massage Therapist Rob recently completed his studies in Dry Needling and is now delighted to be able to offer this as part of his services.

Dry Needling is an advanced practice that is very effective and beneficial in helping to relieve the ache of tight and sore muscles. As an invasive practice (the insertion of very fine acupuncture needles in the muscle belly) it isn't suitable for everyone, so please declare if you have any blood-borne illness or bleeding disorder, are taking blood thinners, or believe that you may be pregnant. *Unlike acupuncture, Dry needling is a therapy and not a philosophy. 

Welcome to our Community Run

Community Run - We kicked off our first community run on Tuesday night! 6pm from the front of Tribe and Trail - The Long Run. Thanks to everyone who came out. See you all again next week. Walk or run, everyone is welcome.