Susan Grober

Owner and Lead Physiotherapist and Exercise and Sport Scientist
Susan graduated from Notre Dame University with a Double Degree in Physiotherapy and Exercise and Sport Science. 

She began running in 2010 and quickly went on to run her first marathon within the first year. A lifetime goal achieved. Along the way she experienced many of the frustrating injuries new runners sustain and very quickly grew tired fo being told by physios, who weren't runners, to stop running. 

Determined to find a better way, she decided to strive for another life goal, to become a physiotherapist and give back to the wonderful community she loved so much.
Now, as the owner and lead physiotherapist at The Long Run - she has turned her expertise and passion into supporting runners of all abilities with a particular focus on Trail and Ultrarunning.

Susan believes in prehab over rehab and places significant focus on gym/strength based interventions for all muscloskeletal injuries. 

If you're tired of the running injury cycle, let her help you get off the merry-go-round and back to doing what you love.  Being an Exercise and Sports Scientist, Susan also has an in-depth knowledge of all the physiological requirements placed on the body when it comes to running and sport. She particularly enjoys employing these principle as a running coach.

From beginner to advanced or returning to running after injury or a long layoff, she can guide you to your goals. 

If you're not a runner and just tired of the status quo, she can help you find a pain free life through exercise by improving your overall strength and function. Life is for living and no one has time to be living with pain. 

Lift Heavy - Live Strong